A glaze exploration

Mixing our own glazes is a big part of what we do. It's a real science and in the past we haven't necessarily been very scientific in our approach, instead adopting a more 'wait and see', experimental sensibility to our process. But I wanted to understand our glazes a little more and see if I could find a way of getting a gradated tonality to our current glaze library. Cue, mammoth blend test.

My blend test was essentially a gradual blend of ten different glazes - all of which took our base glaze that we use for our slate and gold glazes (without their oxides). The oxide additions included red iron oxide, manganese oxide, cobalt oxide, rutile, tin oxide and black iron oxide. I ended up with 52 test tiles! Actually, I didn't particularly like any of the results, BUT, the process taught me a lot about glaze exploration and I now have this useful skill in my armoury for future exploration.


Mathew West