Effects Design Market

We’re really excited to be taking part in Effects Design Market again this year. The Market, to be held at St Mary’s, Coppergate, York, is organised by designers Rebecca Carr and John Hollington.

Effects is a curated exhibition selling modern design, and it will form part of a city-wide festival of design and ceramics, giving York visitors and residents the chance to enjoy a long weekend of design and ceramic related activities.

Please be sure to take a look at the website, and if you’d like an email invitation to the launch party on Friday 5th October, please let us know. 

Event Details:

Held at St Mary’s, Coppergate, York, YO1 9RN.      
05-07 October 2018

Opening hours
• 12.30 – 1800 Friday 5th October
• 10:00-18:00 Saturday 6th October
• 11:00-16:00 Sunday 7th October

St Mary’s is a former church located within the Coppergate Centre, this is one of York’s beautiful historical buildings that has gained a new lease of life in recent years as a curated arts space hosting events such as the prestigious Aesthetica Arts Prize.

Catherine West