Online Shop Opening - A Preview

These past two months have been dedicated to a whole lot of making, mainly for our next online shop, which opens at 7pm (UK time) next Wednesday 24th April.

Some time ago we decided to open our online shop every couple of months and have it closed the remainder of the time. It sounds a little confusing at first, but actually it’s all about simplification. For us, the workload involved in maintaining, replenishing and fulfilling orders on an online shop which is always open was just too high and was distracting us from making. So this model, which many makers and potters also use, means that we can spend a dedicated time making a selection of pieces, opening the shop on a certain date and hopefully selling the pieces in a relatively short space of time, giving us time for packaging and posting. It has changed the way our studio functions completely. So thank you!

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I thought I’d share some images below of the pieces we’ll be selling this time, as a bit of a preview.

Catherine WestComment